Webinar Series 6 : PLAR, TVET & Workforce Initiatives

Webinar Series 3 : Sustainable Development in TVET
Webinar Series 5: TVET and the
Decent Work Agenda
Webinar Series 2 : TVET and Open Education
Webinar Series 4 : Indigenous Training Methodologies 
Webinar Series 1 : Anticipating Changing Skills Needs (The Colombian Experience)


Culinary Arts Career Map

The Culinary Arts Industry is all about the art of cooking. Persons employed in this sub-sector are food service professionals who are experienced and skilled in the art of ....


Energy Career Map


The energy services sector as the name suggests comprises companies which provide very specific services to the energy sector. These services range from maintenance ......

Tourism & Hospitality Career Map

TourismTourism and Hospitality provides employment in almost any Tourism and Hospitality provides employment in almost any area imaginable, it also provides individuals with ......