In keeping with the mandate of the NTA, to evaluate the current labour market, the Research, Planning and Development Department is recognized as the hub of the NTA for the production of Labour Market Studies.

The trademark of this department, our Employers Survey (formerly called Labour Market Survey Report) captures demand side information on the labour market, identifies skills required by employers, job vacancies and emerging labour trends.

  • To provide labour market signalling for Industry and Schools – Demand and Supply
  • To share background research for the development of Occupational Standards
  • To prepare labour market reports on all key sectors earmarked for development in Trinidad and Tobago
  • To analyse the impact of training and development on the socio-economic agenda
  • To develop Career Maps
  • To populate the TVET Control Centre with Labour Market demand and supply data
Nature of Research Conducted at the NTA
There are two components of NTA research: 
Demand Side
  • Industry
  • Employers
 Supply Side
  • Training Providers
  • Secondary School System
  • University Graduates

What are the main roles of the Research, Planning and Development Department?

To engage in research that generates socio-economic data including labour market information for Government and other stakeholders that inform strategic planning and decision-making related to TVET

What are the functions of the Research, Planning and Development Department?

  • To provide labour market signalling data – Demand and supply;

  • To assess current TVET policies and programmes to determine the effectiveness, impact and relevance of each;

  • To identify and set clear standards and mechanisms for the continuous monitoring and evaluation of NTA’s operations, projects, programmes and processes;

  • To provide guidance or advice on best practices and support Departments in the effective utilization of evaluation as a management tool;

  • To facilitate the establishment of formal and informal networks for collaboration among Ministries, Government Agencies, the private sector and Training institution in order to facilitate information sharing and collaboration;

  • To undertake research into major TVET issues to track and monitor relevant trends and indicators;

  • To develop and maintain a central database on relevant TVET indicators and prepare reports examining the environment, conditions, problems and needs at the national and sectoral levels.

What are the projects currently being undertaken by the Research, Planning and Development Department?

  1. National TVET Plan
  2. Finance (Insurance) Sector Survey
  3. Finance (Credit Union) Sector Survey
  4. Agriculture (Primary Production) Sector Survey
  5. Printing and Packaging Sector Survey
  6. Personal Services (Hair, Face and Body) Sector Survey
  7. Creative Industries (Music and Entertainment) Sector Survey
  8. Creative Industries (Television, Film and Theatre) Sector Survey
  9. Qualitative Report on URP Women’s programme
  10. OJT Tracer Study
  11. Training Provider Registry

Who are the users of Research and Development Department's Products?

·       CANTA

·       Domestic and regional government agencies

·       Private and public companies

·       Employers’ Representative Organisations e.g.  Chamber of Commerce, ECA, HRMATT etc.

·       Training Institutions

·       Schools

·       General Public

·       Internal NTA stakeholders