“One Network for Everyone’’ 

Our Role & Purpose

The MTEST ONE store was opened at its Gulf City Mall location on 25th May 2015. It is a revolutionary and dynamic “concept” store that is grounded in the philosophy of bringing a myriad of services to customers in a convenient, effective and friendly environment. Its focus is delivering government services to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, more so persons living in South Trinidad. 
At the core of the store’s operations is emphasis on the highest level of customer service, to provide a range of services. This is facilitated by its highly trained Customer Care Agents who attend to students, trainees and the general public. The Agents ensure that customers’ issues are resolved effectively, efficiently and with relevant feedback. Feedback is expedited by the use of a query management system that produces a ticket for customers, with a unique reference number detailing the service requested. This ticket can also be utilized to track their request. 

Location: Ease of Accessibility & Design

The convenient and popular mall location allows customers to easily access the services offered. It also affords more visibility for the Ministry and the opportunity to create a closer relationship between the Ministry and the public. Additionally, the hours of operation (Monday to Saturday- 10am to 6pm) assists the working population and students who find it difficult to access these services during normal working/ school hours; existing and prospective students also avoid traveling long distances. For the month of September, the store received over 1,000 customers accessing Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) services, avoiding the need to go to the GATE St. Augustine Head Office.

The design and layout of the store creates an attractive, customer friendly environment that encourages customers to explore the store. Potential students come in to obtain information and career guidance, which is administered by trained staff through the utilization of interactive touch screen computers. This model is very effective since it not only guides prospective students but also their parents, family and friends who accompany them. Thus enabling more informed decisions about potential students’ academic choices.

As there are many agencies under tertiary education, the store provides a “one-stop shop” where persons can come in and obtain services and information, instead of going to the actual institution. Based on positive customer feedback from offering GATE and OJT registrations (on account of trainees’ testimonials recommending others to visit MTEST ONE), it is proposed that we offer registration for other agencies under tertiary education.


The team at MTEST ONE, ever motivated by the overwhelming support of positive customer feedback, is ready, willing, able and excited to expand its services. The focus is to reflect our name- One Network for Everyone (ONE), and to bring a plethora of services to our customers in an atmosphere of high quality standards, with the knowledge that the customer will be well taken care of. With the infrastructure and staff that are well-equipped to offer more services, we look forward to a productive and engaging new year, welcoming more customers than ever before.


Benefits of MTEST ONE

  • Convenient location – Gulf City Mall, La Romaine
  • Convenient hours of operation – Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • High levels of customer service by staff
  • Registration for Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses Programme/ GATE “E-service” I.D.
  • Registration for the On-The-Job training programme candidates
  • Registration for the On-The-Job training programme providers
  • Troubleshooting for GATE E-service accounts for application errors, password issues etc.
  • Query management system – “Spiceworks” which is connected to the Ministry of Education , Tertiary Education Division agencies and institutions, whereby, the store can log and address customer issues
  • Queries are “ticketed”– customers are given a receipt to detail their queries so it may be used to follow-up on their issues
  • Convenient, engaging and exciting touch screens, whereby, customers can explore the world of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Division and learn about courses and other information
  • A “one-stop shop” to enquire about any services of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Division, including registration dates, entry requirements etc.
  • Students can complete applications for GATE funded courses, which includes the scanning and uploading of documents to individual accounts
  • Verification of documents for OJT trainees that have started the application process online
  • Career guidance – an in-demand area where students, their families, friends and schools come in to get advice on charting their future

ü  Potential OJT providers visit the store to learn about On-the-Job training and its benefits


***A TTConnect information kiosk is also available at MTEST ONE.


Current services provided by MTEST ONE

GATE Services:

Present services:

  • Registration for GATE E-service accounts
  • Troubleshooting for GATE accounts
  • Creating, monitoring and closing GATE queries
  • Assisting students to complete individual applications for institutions

Tertiary Academic Institutions:

Present Services:

  • Provision of information about courses and registration dates, along with, various other information
  • Creating, monitoring and closing queries to institutions
  • Career guidance

Technical/Vocational Institutions:

Present Services:

  • Provision of information about courses and registration dates
  • Creating, monitoring and closing queries to institutions
  • Career guidance

Career Guidance:

  • Provision of general information on different industries and careers
  • Guidance for persons who are unsure about the field they would like to pursue
  • Provision of information on what courses are available and where they are available to cater to different careers