Listings of available National Occupational Standards.



Horticulture Nursery Operations Level 1

Poultry Production (Broiler) Level 1

Business Services

Broker Services Level 4


Building Construction Drafting Level 1

Building Construction Drafting Level 2 

Building Construction Drafting Level 3 

Plumbing Level 3

Creative Industries

Live Sound Engineering Level 1

Masquerade Design Level 2 

Masquerade Design Level 3 

Music Production Level 2 

Radio Broadcasting Level 2


Electrical Installation & Maintenance Level 1 

Electrical Installation & Maintenance Level 2 

Electrical Installation & Maintenance Level 3 

Instrumentation & Control Level 1 

Instrumentation & Control Level 2 

Instrumentation & Control Level 3

Engineering and Maintenance

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Level 2 

Outboard Motor Maintenance Level 1 

Outboard Motor Maintenance Level 2 

Outboard Motor Maintenance Level 3

Financial Services

Banking Processing Operations Level 1 

Banking Processing Operations Level 2 

Banking Processing Operations Level 3 

Fish & Fish Processing

Aquaculture Grow Out Operations Level 1 

Fish Handling and Processing Level 3


Electrocardiography Level 3 

Health Care Assistance (Hospital Attendant) Level 1 

Health Care Assistance (Patient Care) Level 1 

Pre-Hospital Care (Paramedic) Level 3

Health and Safety

Occupational Safety and Health (Industrial) Level 3

Information Technology

Personal Computer Repairs Level 2


Handmade Soap Production Level 2 

Jewellery Production (Precious Metal Clay) Level 2

Jewellery Production (Precious Metals) Level 2 

Upholstery Level 2

Merchant Marine

Commercial Diving (Air) Level 3 

Marine Terminal Operations Level 2 

Marine Terminal Operations Level 3

Tourism & Hospitality

Bread, Cake and Pastry Level 1 

Cake Baking & Decorating Level 2 

CFP (Portering) Commercial Food Preparation Level 1 

Commercial Food Preparation (Pastry Commis) Level 1 

Food and Beverage - Bar Service (Portering) Level 1 

Food and Beverage - Restaurant Service (Server) Level 1 

Housekeeping - (Room Attendant) Level 1


Advanced Driving Operations (Heavy / Extra Heavy Vehicles) Level 2

Advanced Driving Operations (Light Motor Vehicle) Level 2

Public Transportation Vehicle Driving (Bus) level 2

Water and Wastewater

Asset Maintenance (Water) Level 1 

Asset Maintenance (Wastewater) Level 1 

Hydrological Monitoring & Data Processing Level 1 

Pipelaying (Water and Wastewater) Level 1 

Quality Monitoring (Water and Wastewater) Level 1 

Wastewater Collection System Operations Level 1 

Water Distribution System Operations Level 1